The Showdown To The Weirdest Laws In The World

Have you ever heard that a man can legally take a piss in a public place if he aims for the rear wheel of his car while having his right hand on the steering wheel? Or that in England it is illegal to die in the houses of parliament… As weird as it might sound there are in fact laws in the world that are stranger than any weirdo can imagine, just imagine if someday you were arrested only because you decided to kiss your girlfriend for more than 5 minutes…  I mean what the heck man?  Tomorrow they might as well arrest me for being so handsome…

guy smoking weed

 “Laws are like sausages. It is better not to see them being made”… Absolutely correct, after all, who the heck wants these kind of stupid laws (And my mom told me that lawmakers were smart people) and if you thought that it’s all that is to it, then just sit back and let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious and the weirdest laws, that some half-wits decided were indeed necessary to prevent the extinction of the human species.

# United Kingdom


If you thought that the laws in UK are supercool… Dude you really got to have a cup of coffee right now, I mean stupidity is universal everywhere isn’t it? I hope you really aren’t planning to drive around London in a cab with a rapid dog and a corpse, both of which are punishable under the law… by the way if your cab driver is not carrying a bale of hay in the cab, heck he can be arrested too. Also, if you plan to enter London in a navy ship, make sure that you are carrying a rum bottle with you… Why?? You got to give it to the constable at the tower of London man! And please if you plan on joining the London police department; make sure you step out without your helmet; you never know when a pregnant woman might want to pee in that because you are bound by law to do that….Yuckkkk!


# United States Of America

people rioting 

The laws in the US at least can’t be that stupid, can they? I mean a country which has the NASA (They went to the moon for god’s sake), The CIA and the NSA… But you will be surprised to know that even with their groundbreaking technological advancements, America even tops UK when it comes down to conceiving laws that are outright unique in glorifying stupidity.

 Consider this… In Kingsville, Texas, it is forbidden for pigs to have sex on airport property (yeah… as if the pigs care) and if you so decide to take a lion for that blockbuster movie to the multiplex down the street just because your date ditched you, I would really advice you to rethink your decision… And yes, merely because you don’t like dogs, don’t mean that you can make faces at them; you might surely end up in a prison with a homosexual serial sex offender (unless you actually fantasize about it)


# Rest of the world


When it comes down to making stupid laws, it seems every other country is vying for the coveted title of becoming “The country with the most stupid laws”, like in Australia if your light bulb is not working and you so decide to change it, make sure that you become a licensed electrician first and yes don’t bother wearing those pink hot pants after mid-day on Sunday because it’s against the law too.

Traveling to Milan, Italy are you? Make sure to put up a smile or face a fine unless you are going to the hospital or a funeral and if you ever get arrested in Denmark and are put in prison, chill man, you can always go for that prison break as it is completely legal to escape from prison…


I never realized the fact that laws can sometimes range from being stupid to outright insane, next time when you board a plane to travel to some country make sure that you go through their book of law… You never know, you might actually get arrested for not wearing your underwear over your pants…